I will not fall prey to society’s desire to turn girls into emotionally insecure neurotics who pull up their dresses at the first flattering remark.

There’s more to me than  g l o o m y  graveyard  girl. I used to be more fun.



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I’ve always had your back. I always will.

I’ve probably slept about 2/3 hours at the mot in the last 24 hours and done a hell of a lot of travelling. I could literally fall asleep sat up on my laptop.

Turkey was amazing but fuck, it’s horrible to be back to reality. 

The pretty lies, the ugly truth.

The pretty lies, the ugly truth.

"She is a person to me, after all these years, sometimes Brooke was going through things before I knew I was, and sometimes Brooke was going through things after I had. I think about the things I go through in life, or that my girlfriends go through. No matter how together you are, no matter how professional you are, and no matter how many good things happen, we’ve all been through things that are almost unspeakable. I think it’s important, especially for me, to have played someone who is flawed and who has been hurt and who has been betrayed even though she’s a great person." Sophia Bush