I can’t go around without a phone.. That’s like going around without a brain.. or shoes.


“I went to the bank and opened up a new trust account for you - one that Dad can’t touch. I transferred everything I owned into it, including my half of the inheritance. You can even have my car if you want it.”

Track Title: Please

Artist: Bethany Joy Lenz

Album: Bette
"Do not compare yourself to others. If you do so, you are insulting yourself."
— Adolf Hitler. (via segredou)

Happy 46th Birthday || Kristin Dawn Chenoweth

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for all of the deceased women. rest in peace.

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"You know, Aria thinks it’s a sign that we couldn’t get a hold of Em that night, like the universe just wants her to be happy”


l o v e will always be a stronger bond than b l o o d

"You both deserved so much better.

"You both deserved so much better.